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“Lament” by Jennifer Madriaga

Untitled by John Robert Luna

“The Night Before the Storm” by Dante O. Cuales, Jr.

“An Invocation After Haiyan in News Reports” by Janice Lobo Sapigao

“FOR TACLOBAN” by Melissa Rae Sipin

“Dearest Lola Yolanda,” by Cristina Golondrina Rose (Smith)

“SAGBOT” (in Hiligaynon) by Bryan Mari Argos

Aftermath” by Cynthia Buiza

“Hopeful Father” by Yasmin Aguila

NAMES” by Joel Vega                          

“The Diwata” by Mel Garcia Boquiren

Decoupled Couplet” by Leny Mendoza Strobel

“it's cold in the shade” by Hari Malagayo Alluri

SUMPA NG KAWAYAN” (in Filipino) by Joi Barrios-Leblanc

excerpts from “These Days” by T. De Los Reyes

“my wish for you” by Kiana Lin Aiko Del Rosario


"To Survive an Apocalypse, a Girl Needs Light and Power" by Barbara Jane Reyes

“IKMAT SA DAGKO'N BALUD” (in Waray) by Nemesio S. Baldesco, Sr.

Fault Lines” by Chris Santiago

“you bury me” by Arlene Biala

The Basket” by Almira Astudillo Gilles

“Anatomiya ng Paglimot” (in Filipino) by J. G. Dimaranan

“PASTORAL” by Angelo R. Lacuesta

“Green Elegy” by Luis H. Francia

“Panangis San Usa Ka Kaingero Ngan an Balos san Libong Niya” (in Waray) by Ryan Labana

“After the Typhoon” by RA Cruz

“tahimik” by Von Torres

Shh” by Adriene Gail C. Gerolaga

“Bagyo” (in Tagalog, Cebuano & English) by G. Mae Aquino

Where is Lucy?” by Mary Rose B. Manlangit

“Blue” by Emeniano Acain Somoza, Jr.

“AMONG THE LOST AND MISSING” by M. Protacio-De Guzman

“How to Battle a Wind Goddess” by Michelle Bautista

Laro nina Yolanda at Ondoy” (in Filipino) by Ernesto Villaluz Carandang II

“Yolanda” by Amy Ray Pabalan

“Beloved” by Maria Amparo Nolasco Warren

“There was a Purer Time, Love” by Nerisa del Carmen Guevara

Where in the Cloud Are You” by Marc Gaba

“’Balikbayan’” by Lisa Factora-Borchers

Western Eyes on Eastern Skies” by Mary G. Betsayda-Petrie

Sound Bridge” by Sean Labrador y Manzano

“WALANG PAMAGAT” (in Filipino) by Roy Mark Azanza Corrales

“’But you did not die, right?’” by Gracele Canilao-Nieva

“Bagyo” (in Filipino from the Bikol) by Rea Robles

“On First Hearing of Typhoon Yolanda” by Abigail Licad

“To the Donors” by Roger B Rueda

“YOLANDA” by Angelo B. Ancheta

“Original Tempest” by F. Jordan Carnice

“Lahing pagtan-aw sa akong balak nga ‘gikan sa kusog nga hangin ug ulan’” (in Bisaya) by Gratian Paul R. Tidor

“These Days Every Time It Rains My Mother Trembles” by Jim Pascual Agustin

“Here I am” by Xiao Pinpin

“On how to treat people nice and kind” by Jasmin Ado

“Jazmin” by Aileen Ibardaloza

“Saan tayo nagkulang?” (in Filipino) by Rogene A. Gonzales

“Mechanical Heart” by Alex Alvarez

“After the quake” by Denver Ejem Torres

“Mother,” by Tiny Diapana

“Fragments” by Kervin B. Calabias

“Asin Offering” by Clifford Rivera

“After City” by Shane Carreon

“Refraction: A Lesson in Compassion” by Rina Caparras

“Remember Our Dead” by Natalie L. Pardo

“Ecology” by Brylle Bautista Tabora

“disaster” by anggo genorga

“Haiyan Haiku” by Felix Fojas

“’Lito Pa Kung Kulang’” (in Filipino) by Krysha Lyn A. De Juan

“After the Storm” by Lina L. Vergara

“Where Does It End?” by Ronaldo Recto

“Pangutana sa bana ngadto sa nagmug-ot niyang asawa sukad niabot si Yolanda” (in Bisaya) by Jondy M. Arpilleda

“Search” by Glen A. Sales
“Lament on the Roadside” by Luchie Maranan

“TATTOOS” by Jeannefer G. Escandor

“A Storm Advisory (DD/MM/YYYY)” by Tilde Acuña

“Mula rito, hindi ito pagkain pero ipapaabot pa rin” (in Filipino) by Ivan Emil A. Labayne

“An Ode to My Child” by Miguel Cortez

“Watch” by Ivy Alvarez

“Maganda Sampaguita” by Tasha Strand

“Unos” (in Filipino) by Mayu Joaquin

“Dance It” by Julienne M. Urrea

“Death, writing.” by Joyce Marisse Amon

“Beloved” by Yvva Svhovan

“LOST” by Joel Pablo Salud

“Blame Game” by Jose Lorenzo Lim

“’How Many Islands Does Your Country Have?’” by José Edmundo Ocampo Reyes

“By Squander” by Mark Angeles

“A Letter to Conquerors” by Anne Carly Abad

“Dying of Hunger, Dying of Cold” by Allen Severino

“Never give up Juan” by Alain F. Razalan

“The Tempest” by Leonardo O. Munalim

“A Little Hope” by Jomari Micah Laguardia

“Look Ma, No Hands!” by Josiah Deus B. Tiongson

“Sunshine” by Emmanuel Codia

“A poem for Loon” by Juaniyo Arcellana

“Afterward” by Luisa A. Igloria

“Safe” by Pia Marie Besmonte

“Fill the Void” by Crzthlv Bisa

“195MPH Rapture/Malacanang Stall-vation” by Paul Carson

“First trip, last trip” by David S. Maduli

“I was not there” by Raymund P. Reyes

“The Rain Will Keep Us Together” by Hans Lawrence Malgapu

“Hungry, Yes” by J Likha Yatco

“The Flooding That Writes Itself” by Eileen R. Tabios

“Mostly in monsoon weather” by Alma Anonas-Carpio

“Tuklapin Natin ang Langit” (in Filipino) by Joshua Carlo T. Pile

“Sun Shines in the Soul” by  O.H. Vanine

Gumising Ka, Anak” (in Filipino) by Danica Lalimarmo Dela Cruz

“for what it's worth” by Vincent Dioquino

“’through the eye/of a/storm’" by Glynda T. Velasco

“ONE COCONUT TREE” by Melisa Morados Tadeo

“Bamboo Song” by H. Francisco V. Penones Jr.

“Emptiness of Air” by Marianne Villanueva

Bangon kababayan” (in Filipino) by Michiko Karisa M. Buot

“The Discovery of Laughter” by Kristine Ong Muslim

“’Nangumpisal si Yolanda’” (in Sebuano-Bisaya) by Cindy Velasquez

“Hay(na)ku for the Survivors” by Vince Gotera

“About 10,000 Characters” by Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo 

“Hawakan Mo Ang Aking Kamay (Hold My Hand)” By Aimee Suzara

“poem for my people” by Lolan Buhain Sevilla


“‘Nay, ano nangyari?’” by Maria Geneva Reyes

“Rest Your Head, Little Bird” by Natassja Mullen

“Why Were They the Ones” by Weisley Wong

“Before I Go” by Jacob Tolentino

“A Bird Says Danger in the Philippines” by Neil B. Castro

“Poem for Yolanda” by Richelle Anne Caranto

“The Little Voice Lost in Tacloban” by CJ Navalta

“To Those Who Feel” by Richard Caranto

“Isang Bagsak” by Leonora Cruz

“The Waiting Game” by Hali Saldajeno

“Help Become Human” by Raeven Fernandez

“Hunting” by Anonymous

“It Was You” by Lorenzo Finau-Cruz

“Community Poem in the Time of Yolanda”—an exquisite corpse poem by Skyline College’s Fall 2013 PCN Class

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