Saturday, July 8, 2017


Danielle Crawford, who had taught VERSES TYPHOON YOLANDA in a disaster narratives class at UC Santa Cruz, is contributing a chapter on mainstream media's representation of the storm for an anthology edited by Robert Bell and Robert Ficociello, to come out from Lexington Books. Book's working title is ECO CULTURE: Disaster, Narrative, Discourse. The essay refers to the overall book and will quote lines from the poems of Joi Barrios-Leblanc, Melissa Sipin, Glynda Velasco , Simeon Dumdum Jr , Sean Labrador Y Manzano , Cristina Golondrina Rose, Rogene A. Gonzales and Natalie Pardo. Leny Strobel and my introductions also will be excerpted. I continue to marvel at how VTY came together so swiftly from both homeland and diaspora poets ... and this recent development also affirmed how I'd long thought -- though didn't plan for -- VTY becoming an alternative, and deeper, coverage of this record-breaking typhoon.

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