Thursday, July 7, 2016


Meritage Press is delighted to share that Verses Typhoon Yolanda has been picked up for U.C. Santa Cruz's course "Typhoons, Hurricanes and Tsunamis: Global Disaster Narrative" in their Cultural Studies Department.

Editor Eileen Tabios addressed the book's 133 poets by saying, "You wrote and donated poems to create not just a fundraiser but a needed alternative-to-mainstream-media coverage of Typhoon Haiyan that encompassed colonialism, environmental damage, political corruption, the limits of education and parenting, misogynism ... who knew a typhoon could cover so much? And now you're being studied. Well done!"

Here also is a note from the course's Prof. Danielle Crawford : "I wanted to thank you for sending me a desk copy of Verses Typhoon Yolanda... The collection is both beautiful and moving. It will definitely be a wonderful addition to my class, and will be useful for my research in general.” 

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